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Tableworks is a network of Hot Desks in restaurants & inspirational spaces across Hong Kong.

Every TableWorks provides Pass holders with a private & secure WiFi network, a complimentary drink, food & beverage benefits and a comfortable place for you to work remotely and hold meetings in a busy city.

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Many locations to choose from

Hot Desks and traditional shared workspaces are typically found in office buildings at 1 or 2 locations only.

TableWorks are everywhere with many locations to choose from at the moment and increasing.

Use our mobile app to find one near you, swing by, show your pass and start working right away.

The App shows live seat availability, TableWorks times, easy walkme2 directions and Food & Beverage benefits for Members. 

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Get Working Remotely

As remote individuals and teams adjust to more time spent locally near their homes, we believe the future is bright for TableWorks, we will continue to build into 2021 committed to providing inspirational, non-traditional, safe and inspiring  places to work at near to our members, wherever they are.

During this difficult time, we have a $10/m membership for the time being for people in Hong Kong. 

Being told to Work from Home (WFH) just means avoiding large groups and busy offices. It doesn’t mean you can’t leave home or work effectively with the TableWorks hot desk network. This $10/m is only valid for 6 months.

A TableWorks Pass Gets You

  • Secure and Reliable WiFi Network

  • Comfortable curated environments

  • Flexible working solution

  • Expanding network of locations across HK

  • Food & Beverage Benefits / Deals

  • Complimentary Drink at any TableWorks

  • Charging outlets (in most locations)

  • Low Monthly Membership rates


us$ 25 us$10* / month


Trial period = 14 days

*Valid for the first 6 months

Download the APP to see all the locations


TableWorks is for you


Many early stage startups don't have the budget for a fixed office or even a room in co-working spaces. TableWorks gives your team the flexibility to work anywhere they like across the city for a low monthly price of US$ 10.


If you are a one man band or running a startup in Hong Kong, we would like to offer you and your team assistance, to apply for our TableWorks startup benefit program please fill in the application form and become a startup member.

Apply for Startup Benefits

Office Workers

Whether you work from a fixed office or not, you might be out visiting your clients around town. A membership gives you access to multiple TableWorks letting you hold meetings and letting you stay connected. Have an office when you are on the move instead of meeting and working from crowded coffee shops.

Remote freelance creatives

Many freelance creatives and digital nomads work from home. We know that these are not the most productive places to work from. A membership gives you access to many locations allowing you to change scenery from day to day and give you the creative space to think within this busy city.

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WiFi Security

Connect to the TableWorks WiFi through our custom captive portal splash page. All TableWorks WiFi networks are private and has Client Isolation implemented. This security feature prevents wireless devices from communicating with one another directly to limit attacks and threats from within and outside the TableWorks WiFi network.

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