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Only US$ 50 / month

no long contracts, freedom to recharge and work remotely where you like across Hong Kong

What is TableWorks ?

Tableworks is a network of inspirational spaces to work at and enjoy benefits in across Hong Kong.

Where is TableWorks?

All over Hong Kong our network covers the Central and Soho commercial and entertainment districts, K Town, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, Sai Kung... we are growing fast. Download and open the app to see the closest TableWorks near you here.

How do I get a pass / membership?

Get the App, see where is available: trial passes are available for free Join Here.

Do I have access to all TableWorks locations?

Yes, all members can receive full benefit at any location during TableWorks hours, outside of TableWorks hours, you may be asked to make a purchase.

What do I do when I arrive at a TableWorks?

Connect to the clearly visible TableWorks WiFi using your access code and you are online. Login to TableWorks page (member.tableworks.app) to let the staff know you are indeed an active member.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Basic drink and food offers at TableWorks locations are already your membership benefit; so sorry you cannot bring your own.

If I want to visit a TableWorks, do I need to make an appointment or do I just walk in?

Download the TableWorks app, find the closest available TableWorks and just walk in.

What is the internet speed at a TableWorks?

Fast and Reliable WiFi is our promise.

How long can I stay at aTableWorks?

TableWorks hours of each network partner differ and are displayed on the app an in the WiFi login splash page.

How many devices am I allowed to use to connect to TableWorks Wi-Fi?

The first two devices that log in will be linked to your account. Therefore you can not share your access code with others.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes. All TableWorks members guests are welcome customers; your member benefits apply to all your purchases .. including anything your guests eat or drink. 


If they want your free tea, coffee, Internet access etc .. they will need to join here.

Can my guest access the TableWorks Wi-Fi?

Only TableWorks member may access WiFi networks as it is restricted to your personal devices.


Can I reserve a "seat" in advance?

You can call up the TableWorks to book a table or seat reservation as normal if you wish; most are happy to accept bookings.


How much does joining TableWorks cost?

US$ 50 / month  (unless you joined with a discount code)


Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

None at all.

I already have an office / co-working space. Why would I get a TableWorks Pass?

TableWorks adds flexibility in the locations you can work or have meetings at. We are building a network of like minded highly mobile individuals and are an ideal add-on to what you have.


Is my pass/membership transferable?

Passes / Memberships are personal and non-transferable.


Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel?

Our memberships are on a monthly subscription basis and will be stopped at the end of the billing cycle.

Do I get any benefits or rewards for referring friends to TableWorks?

Yes. you will be notified of any referral incentives we currently have active, please contact us for more details.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

One month.

Can a person below 18 years become a member?

Yes. If you have access to a credit card to pay you may join. Some TableWorks may have age restrictions on access or offers; those will apply to you.


Can I delete my account?

Yes, first you need unsubscribe and that will stop the monthly payments, if you really want to completely delete your account you will need to contact us directly and we will delete your account personally.



What are my payment options?

Any credit card

How do I change my payment information?

Within the TableWorks membership website member.tableworks.app

Is payment secure?

Yes, we use a well know payment gateway called Stripe. All your personal information is safe.