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Benefits of remote working outdoors

TableWorks @ Fini’s Soho

Remote work allows people to work in non-traditional settings. And open-air locations are great examples of that. Working all day in an office can be stuffy, dull, and even unhealthy. But taking care of business in a setting where you can breathe fresh air and get some sun offers a host of benefits to both mental and physical health, including:

TableWorks @ The Pawn Wan Chai

  • Disease prevention — Our bodies derive vitamin D from direct sunlight. Vitamin D helps ward off dementia, arthritis, and many other diseases.

  • It’s good for vision — People who spend more time outdoors are shown to have less degradation in vision over time. This is especially important if you’re staring at a screen all day, as most remote workers do.

  • Stress relief — Cortisol, a chemical in your brain closely tied to stress levels, is reduced by 12% when you’ve been sitting outside for a while.

  • Helps you sleep — You’re less likely to wake up during the night if you breathe in fresh air for at least a few hours each day.

  • Makes exercise more likely — Studies show that people who sit outside for long periods of time are more likely to get up and exercise in the outdoors, which is beneficial for a whole other host of reasons.

  • A free energy boost — Your first 20 minutes of sitting outside gives you the same boost in energy as a cup of coffee.

  • Strengthens the immune system — When you work outdoors, the sometimes-harmful particles that lurk in stagnant air are replaced by natural particles like plant chemicals. Doing so improves your immune system.

  • Mental health benefits — Natural light is proven to decrease seasonal depression rates, and sitting outside is the best way to get it.

TableWorks @ Classified Repulse Bay

Working outside can help you avoid Coronavirus

To avoid Coronavirus, it’s best to sit in a setting where air can circulate freely. When air has more room to disperse, you have less chance of breathing some harmful particles in.This information is especially relevant to remote workers, who often need to sit in one spot all day to work.

Luckily for them, they do have the luxury of choosing where they will go during work hours. And rather than sit in stagnant air like their nine to five counterparts, they would do well to go to a setting that is safe and healthy. Cracking a window is better than nothing, but it’s even better to go somewhere more open.

Where can I work outside with TableWorks?

TableWorks @ Cali-Mex Stanley

TableWorks’ hotdesk network is perfect for remote workers who want to experience open-air settings. Its locations include a wide variety of outdoor settings, from patios at lively Mexican cantinas to balconies at quiet bistros. All of the open-air locations are carefully vetted to inspire creativity and productivity, and TableWorks members receive free refreshments.

The beginning of 2020 has been unfortunate on the world stage, thanks to the Coronavirus. Why not make your 2020 happy and healthy by working in open-air locations with TableWorks?

Avoiding large groups and busy offices doesn’t mean you can’t leave home or work effectively with the TableWorks hot desk network.

We hold Flash Sales occasionally but during these difficult times, we are turning it on right now and making it available to everyone.

Let’s take a look at all 23 TableWorks locations in Hong Kong that allow you to work in fresh air.

TableWorks locations with open frontages or outdoor areas


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