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What Are Hot Desks?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Hot desks are the most flexible and cost-efficient way for remote workers to work productively. A Hot Desk refers to a desk used and shared by multiple people at different times. Remote workers often only need a place to sit down with their internet-connect laptop or tablet to get their work done.

It’s a popular mode of modern work, and one used by digital nomads, freelancers, the self-employed, salesfolk or small business owners. The major motivation is of course, the amazing savings in cost compared to traditional office spaces.

“Hot desk networks” one can easily access have been created by such companies as, partnering with various cafes and restaurants across large urban areas.

Hot Desk Memberships

People who pay a monthly fee for a membership with the hot desk network get an unlimited pass to all of their locations. Each location does have set opening hours, but they are usually more flexible than those at an office.

When a member shows up at a location in the network, they set up their mobile workspace (generally a laptop) at an empty table and get to work in the curated environment. They do not have to worry about paying 4–8 USD for a drink each time. TableWorks hot desk memberships start at only 23 USD per month, the cost of 3–6 drinks without a membership. Traditional coworking space memberships start at over 300USD per month.

In addition to cost savings, you get unlimited access to the proprietary secure TableWorks wifi network at each location. And all of the locations selected are carefully curated as spaces that will inspire creativity and maximize productivity. Everything from lighting and noise levels to the general ambiance is considered — for example, you’ll never find TableWorks in noisy “tea restaurant”.

Some of the things that make hot desk networks a superior choice to other remote work options include:

  • Location flexibility — No matter where you are, a hotdesk is probably waiting for you nearby.

  • Time flexibility — You can work whenever fits your schedule. Some Tableworks locations open as early as 6:30am and close as late as 11:30pm.

  • Freedom to change environment — There is no one location that is most productive for everyone. People are wired differently, and hot desk networks let you sample lots of work environments to find which is best for you.

  • Much lower cost — Discussed above.

Other Remote Workspaces

In the past, remote workers essentially had three options: working from home, working from cafes such as Starbucks and Pacific Coffee, or joining a coworking space. Each has its upsides, but they are outweighed by downsides.

Working from home


  • No commute

  • More time around family

  • No Cost


  • Very easy to get distracted

  • Can cause lethargy and loneliness

Working at cafes


  • Flexible location

  • A good ambiance

  • Time flexibility


  • Pressure to keep purchasing drinks & food to stay

  • Crowded and noisy

Joining a coworking space


  • Nice decor

  • Networking opportunities

  • Added amenities


  • A commute like with any office building

  • Extremely expensiveLack of Choice

Who Should Use Hot Desks?

Hot desk networks are a relatively new concept on the remote working scene, and they are a perfect combination of flexibility and cost-effectiveness — ideal choices for the emerging Work 3.0 workforce.

Work 3.0 is another term for the gig economy that is predicted to grow to new heights in 2020 and the following years. More and more people are finding full-time employment that is 100% remote and requires them to move around a lot on the job. A singular coworking location is too restrictive, so hot desk networks are the way to go.

TableWorks is at the forefront of bringing hot desk networks to Hong Kong.

Join us in 2020


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