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What to gift a Remote Worker for the Holidays in 2019

A good holiday gift should be both useful and customised to the lifestyle of the recipient. And it just so happens we are experts when it comes to judging what remote workers can and cannot make use of during their day. We’ve put together a guide of a few carefully selected ideas.

Note that we have no affiliation with the brands mentioned in this article. They’re just quality products lots of remote workers love.

Noise-canceling Earphones/Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are excellent for remote workers because they allow the wearer to eliminate all surrounding noise and focus only on whatever is on their computer screen. Even if someone works better without any sound, they can unplug the headphones and just use their sound isolation function for complete silence.

Digital Nomad Rucksack/Backpack

There are bags built specifically for remote workers. The bags are perfect for carrying around everything you need to get through your day, while at the same time remaining durable and convenient to transport. The best remote worker bags include features such as:

Solar chargers for mobile devicesDurable and Waterproof materialsLightweight buildHidden pockets for theft preventionSpecial pockets for phones, laptop, and documents

Laptop/Smartphone Power Bank

Remote workers need a smartphone and a laptop to survive. And the devices obviously need to remain charged, even throughout a long day of mobile work. So that the remote worker doesn’t need to worry about always being near an outlet, power banks for those gadgets are an excellent gift. Nowadays, power banks hold a ton of charge and can be bought for relatively low prices.

Notebooks & Pens

Organising appointments and taking notes the old school way has a certain understated elegance that digital methods do not. Also, less tech-savvy remote workers may prefer it. A Moleskine and a decent pen goes a long way in helping remote workers organised.


Timeular is a very cool physical device that hooks up to a computer via bluetooth. You get a large 8-sided dice and write the name of a activity on each side. During the day, flip the dice to the side corresponding to the activity you’re doing. The dice helps remote workers visualise their time by sending data to your computer about how much time you spend on each activity. Timeular software makes it easy for remote workers to optimise their own workday.

Udemy Online Couse Subscription

It is beneficial to many remote workers to have a diverse range of skills, so that their choice of jobs can be as wide as possible. Online platforms like Udemy have expertly put together classes on almost any professional skill you can imagine. Since remote workers are online much of the day, they’ll find it especially easy to take advantage of the course catalog.

Music Streaming Subscription

There are great services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play that let you listen to anything you want. If you’re working and need soothing sounds, they’ve got it covered. If you’re commuting and want to listen to a podcast, they’ve got that too.

Subscriptions to the services are also surprisingly cheap, especially if you take advantage of one of their holiday deals.

Tableworks Flash Sale Holiday Membership

A subscription to our hotdesk service, TableWorks is an excellent gift indeed. It allows people to experience lots of different kinds of remote work locations and find which ones are their favorites. Our flash sale is available until the end of 2019 with memberships is as low as us$18 / month and includes a free coffee or tea and many F&B benefits at over 38 locations every time you visit a TableWorks.

The best holiday gift will of course vary based on the specific worker, but these suggestions should give you some great ideas.


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