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Working from Home isn’t Always Good For Remote Workers

With the Covid-19 scare going around, many Hong Kong companies have established a temporary work from home (WFH) policy to keep employees from congregating at an office. But despite the name of the policy, those who have tried actually working in their own home probably know it is not the best workspace.

TableWorks @ The Loft

Here are a few reasons why working from your house is not ideal:

Home is full of Distractions

People have a lot of distractions in their own homes like TV, a kitchen full of snacks and other people. Not to mention that daycare centres and schools in Hong Kong are currently suspended, so having to entertain kids running around the house will likely add to that slew of diversions.

Your Home is for Relaxation

Your office should be a place to work, while your home should be a place to relax. If you’re working at home, your brain will subconsciously begin associating the space with work activity, whether during business hours or not. This will negatively affect your ability to relax at home. To avoid mixing business with leisure, you should actually make sure your work takes place outside your home.

Changing Locations Kickstarts the Brain

Surrounding yourself with new sights and sounds is a good way to kickstart your thought processes and glean some inspiration from your surroundings. While it is important to stay within an area you’re familiar with, going to a cafe or restaurant is a great way to add fuel to your creative fire.

You Won’t Get Out and About

You are much more likely to get exercise and fresh air when you work outside of the house, not even counting the walk you’ll get going to and from. When you’re already out, it seems like much less of a hurdle to get active and go for a run or go work out in a park.

So to make the most of the WFH policy, you should actually take your work outside the house. The good news is that many people in Hong Kong started to work remotely even before the Coronavirus even existed and there are already excellent remote working locations out there. You need somewhere free of distractions, and somewhere with an interior design conducive to your workstyle and Finding a workspace that inspires productivity isn’t always easy.

Many remote workers understand working at a cafe is more productive than working at home, but they are deterred by the cost. Most Hong Kong cafes and restaurants charge 5+ USD per drink these days, and that cost can really add up quickly if you go many times a week.

TableWorks @ Classified Repulse Bay

A solution to both these problems -- finding a suitable remote work location and not killing your finances -- is covered by a hot desk network like TableWorks.

Restaurants perfect for remote workers are scattered around the city, waiting to be discovered. We’ve already done the legwork to scout out the best restaurants for remote workers in Hong Kong. TableWorks members can go with their laptops and enjoy secure wifi, a complimentary beverage along with other enticing F&B discounts and start working free of distractions.

TableWorks @ The Loft Outdoor Terrace

For an added health bonus, you can even take your work to one of our 23 open-air locations. This is especially relevant while the Coronavirus is still at large.

TableWorks locations with open frontages or outdoor areas

Since so many workers are looking for more productive spots to set up their mobile office at the moment, TableWorks is offering over 50% off to new members. 23 USD per month will get you access to the entire network rather than the standard 50 USD, and that is a very slim figure to pay for free coffees and unlimited productivity.

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